Funded Projects/Grants

1. Title: Establishment of the Center of Excellence (CoE) in LiFi/VLC.

Role: Coordinator along with Dr. V. A. Bohara and Prof. A. Srivastava

Timeline: Jan 2021 to Dec 2023

Scheme: India-EU ICT Standardisation Cooperation Project

Amount: Approx 30 lakhs as a service contract.
Funding Agency:

Status: Ongoing

2. Title: Bandit Algorithms for Financial Market Applications

Role: PI

Timeline: 2021 - 2024

Amount: 9,60,000

Funding Agency: Wudi DataTech Pvt. Ltd.

Status: Ongoing

3. Title: Intelligent IoT HetNets with Aerial Acess Points for Public Protection and Disaster Relief

Role: PI

Amount: Approx 25 lakhs

Timeline: 2021-2025


Status: Ongoing

4. Title: 5G-V2X for Heterogeneous Services – Algorithm Development and Demonstration.

Role: PI

Amount: 20 lakhs

Timeline: 2022-2024

Funding Agency: IIT Delhi (Seed-Grant)

Status: Ongoing

5. Title: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-aided Industrial IoT Networks for Sustaining Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication Services
Role: PI
Amount: 25 lakhs
Timeline: 2022-2024
Funding Agency: SERB, DST (SRG)
Status: Ongoing.

6. Title: Vehicular Connectivity and Network Availability Assessment (VeCNAA) Tool
Role: PI (Consultancy)
Co-PIs: Prof. Debashis Mitra, (Co-PI, Coordination-in-Charge), Prof. Krishna Sirohi, (Co-PI), Prof. Swades De, (Co-PI)
Timeline: November 2022 - December 2022
Funding Agency: Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Status: Ongoing.

7. Title: Development of MOOC on "Optical Wireless Communications: Fundamentals and Potential Applications with a vision for 5G and Beyond"
Role: Consultant
Timeline: November 2022
Funding Agency: Sub-consultancy contract for EU-India cooperation on ICT-related standardization, policy, and legislation
Status: Ongoing