Research Group

Doctoral Students

Neetu R R

  • IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation Doctoral Fellowship Grant.

  • Joint supervision with Dr. Vivek A. Bohara (IIIT-Delhi) and Prof. Anand Srivastava (IIIT-Delhi).

Research Areas

Wireless Communications working on UAV-HetNets for Public Protection and Disaster Relief.

Sabrina Khurshid

  • Partly supported by a grant from Wudi DataTech Pvt. Ltd.

  • Joint supervision with Dr. Sanjit Kaul (IIIT-Delhi) and Prof. Mohammed Shahid Abdulla (IIM K).

Research Areas

Reinforcement Learning and its Applications in financial markets and wireless communications.

Masters Students

Souradip Sanyal

Millimeter Wave Communication, Machine Learning and Stochastic Geometry.

Vaibhav Bhat

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces



  1. Mohammad Taha Shah - MTech 2020-21

    • Worked on clustered hard-core point processes.

  2. Yatin Sharma - MTech 2019-20 - Now in MediaTek

    • Worked on multi-connectivity in 5G networks.

  3. Kunwar Zaid - MTech 2019-20 - Now in TCS Research and Innovation Labs

    • Worked on non-stationary bandit problems.


  1. Yash Gupta - Now in Qualcomm India.

  • Worked on vehicular radar networks.