Research Group

Doctoral Students

Neetu R R
December 2019 - current

  • IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation Doctoral Fellowship Grant.

  • Joint supervision with Dr. Vivek A. Bohara (IIIT-Delhi) and Prof. Anand Srivastava (IIIT-Delhi).

Research Areas

Wireless Communications, working on UAV-HetNets for Public Protection and Disaster Relief.

Sabrina Khurshid
December 2021 - current

  • Partly supported by a grant from Wudi DataTech Pvt. Ltd.

  • Joint supervision with Prof. Mohammed Shahid Abdulla (IIM Kozhikode).

Research Areas

Reinforcement Learning and its Applications in financial markets and wireless communications.

Md. Taha Shah

July 2021 - current

Research Areas

Stochastic Geometry

Songita Das

  • PhD student at the Bharti School of Telecommunications and Management, IIT Delhi

  • Supported by UGC-NET JRF

Research Areas

Currently searching for research problems on the Age of Information of 6G Networks.

Rashmi Kumari

July 2021 - current

Research Areas
Multi-Antenna Systems for 6G, Machine Learning for Wireless Communications

Masters Students



  1. Vaibhav Bhat - MTech 2021-22

    • Worked on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Localization.

  2. Souradip Sanyal - MTech 2021-22

    • Worked on Binomial Line processes.

  3. Mohammad Taha Shah - MTech 2020-21 - Now a Ph.D. student at IIT Delhi.

    • Worked on clustered hard-core point processes.

  4. Yatin Sharma - MTech 2019-20 - Now in MediaTek Inc.

    • Worked on multi-connectivity in 5G networks.

  5. Kunwar Zaid - MTech 2019-20 - Now in TCS Research and Innovation Labs

    • Worked on non-stationary bandit problems.


  1. Yash Gupta - Now in Qualcomm India.

  • Worked on vehicular radar networks.